Monday, 20 August 2012

The Natural Cycles of the Body Activity

Traditionally we have 3 meal patterns a day. Breakfast in the morning, lunch at midday and dinner in the evening. This is a useful template. People often develop the habit of eating small breakfast and lunch and a large evening meal.

  This has a detrimental effect on digestion, especially as our digestive systems become more sluggish with age. It also means that we have an inadequate supply of energy at the times of the day when we are most active and calorie overload at the end of the day when we are winding down.

  The Cycles  are:

Elimination of Bad Waste and Debris - Between the hours of  4:00am - 12:00noon, the body is in the process of elimination, that is ridding itself of all the toxins arising from the breakdown of the body's previous nutritional activity. During this phase, the body only need food that could only be processed as well as aids elimination of waste. Heavy food will retard or temporarily derail the process.

Appropriation (Eating and Digestion) - 12:00noon - 7:00pm , it is during this period that the body is most able to work at breaking down food for the body's building. All eating should take place during this period . Observing the rules of proper food combination, moderate portion should be ruled.

 Assimilation (Absorption Stage) - This period from 8:00pm - 4:00am is one in which the body should be allowed to rest from all body activity as much as possible. It is during this period that major repairs and renewal work is being undertaken, which should not be disturbed with new intake of food. All hunger during this period should be met with fruits.

                                                                               EAT TO GLOW.......!!!