Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lose Weight, Gain Health

Generally, it has been discovered that excess weight gives room for several chronic diseases that is been diagnosis in the different parts of the world with different health specialist trying to proffer solution.

Excess weight weight is measured by the following simple methods:

Body Mass Index ( B.M.I ) which incorporates both height and weight, is a convenient measurement to assess a person's body fat content.

                                       B.M.I = Weight/Height2

B.M.I results are classified as follows :
 B.M.I ( kg/m2 )
 Risk of H.D
 < 18.5
 Low (but risk of other clinical problems increased)
 Normal Range
 18.5 - 24.9
 > 25

 Pre- obese
 25 - 29.9
 Obese Class 1
 30 - 34.9
 Obese Class 2
 35 - 39.9
 Obese Class 3
 > 40
 Very severe

 Weight circumference is a simple and convenient method for predicting disease associated with excess weight 

Substantially increased risk
< 80cm
80cm – 88cm
                > 88cm
< 94cm
94cm – 102cm
                > 102cm


        DO check your B.M.I today, to stay healthy......