Friday, 27 July 2012

Onion Delicacy

The cooking ingredient, onion is unfortunately associated with hot oil and frying: it is the common form of its preparation. Depending on how the frying is done ( deep or shallow) the benefits may be greatly lost to the eaters.Nutritionists and food scientist generally have found out that there is more to be gained.
So,when next you go for d tasty kebab(call it suya,if choose) do not allow the Mai Suya to be miserly with it when he slices or chops a portion into the chunk of meat cos more is gained eating it in raw form. If you keep onions out of you meal consider the health benefit rejected too.
Chewing onion or serving it freshly sliced and used as garnishing on dish can make the mouth clean and fairly sterile.The cavity will be devoid of mouth odour  that is usually the case when people wake in the morning.Experts have also recommended it for common cold. Nasal and bronchial congestion too.